How to keep seagulls at bay holiday cottages

How to keep seagulls at bay

So you’re eating an ice cream overlooking the Cornish coastline or perhaps choosing a spot to dine al fresco. Yet there’s certainly a guest you don’t want hanging around whilst you enjoy your tasty treats. Our holiday friend, the seagull is usually lurking somewhere close by, eyeing up those leftovers or even trying to join you whilst you dine with family and friends. From snapping fish and chips from your hands or hopping onto your table to encroach on your dining experience, these annoying birds can create havoc in beautiful destinations, leaving mess and disturbance in their wake.

So what can you do make your seagull woes a thing of the past? Take a look at our handy tips on surviving our flying friends on your holiday, for a mostly gull-free experience.

Don’t feed the birds

This might seem an obvious one and there are generally signs everywhere telling us ‘Don’t feed the birds’ but we still do it! As we know seagulls love staring you down for that last soggy chip but giving in is the start of your seagull troubles. From the moment you share your food, they are signalling to all their buddies it’s a free for all and before you know it, you’ll have dozens of their flying friends vying for those seaside treats.

Do not feed the seagulls

Put your rubbish in the bin

If you do your bit for the environment by not littering the landscape, this pointer should come as no surprise. Seagulls love rubbish, they love hanging out by the bins in hope that someone drops a wrapper; we’ve even seen gangs of gulls attacking bins and relinquishing the contents over McDonald's car park, all of this in the hope of a scrap of food. So if you can, put your rubbish in a closed bin and if it’s full, try and find another one.


Sometimes used on boats and harbours, playing different birdcalls sees a reduction in pesky seagulls. Ok, so you won’t be carrying a speaker system on your holiday to deter your flying friends but you do have your trusty mobile phone. Many devices these days will have access to apps that play varying birdcalls and songs that might just send those seagulls packing.

Seagull warning sign

Take your furry friends on holiday

It’s important to take note that no animals (gull or dog) are harmed by the use of this method. Yet taking your pooch along on your holiday is a great way to keep the birds at bay. Having your furry pals nearby warns off any close encounters with a quick bark to scare them off.

Shiny surfaces

Reflective and shiny surfaces can confuse birds so an easy way to avoid any dive-bombing incidents is to have reflective strips on your bag or clothing. Another simple suggestion comes from a resident of the fishing town Arbroath, although not proven he used the colour red to deter seagulls with surprising success.

Seagull facts

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